Monday, September 6, 2010

The Pacific Gallery Annual Flea Market

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If you ever click on those fantastic icons
to the right
in the toolbar,
you might have noticed
in the calendar link
that I went to the Pacific Gallery Annual Flea Market this year

With $50 in my pocket
and my huge camera strapped to my side
I entered the parking lot
of the Pacific Gallery Auction House
and at first, my smiley face did a big old
upside down maneuver.

I was expecting more than this

Pacific Gallery Auction House
Annual Flea Market | Seattle | 2010
Photo (c) b3 home designs

To be fair
it was probably about the hottest day of the summer
and I arrived late in the day
(on purpose, not on CPT)
because I wanted dealers to be hot and bothered
and pissed that no one was venturing out onto
an asphalt baking field
to buy their wares

And it worked. 
That OR
I need to hit Pac Gal auctions 
because these dealers are CHEAP!

I've been to the Antique gallery before
and they had some good gets
but all were just beyond "good deals"
for me.

Not expensive, so if there was a
"have to have" piece for a collection,
I'd go here and look for it.

But for a browse and especially a flea,
I was not optimistic.

This is what I left with after 45 minutes

Pacific Gallery Annual Flea Stash of Goodies
Seattle | Summer | 2010
Photo (c) b3 home designs

Let's get a little closer shall we?

I picked up this awesome piece for $2.
I used to have one of these, 
and I gave it to my mom 
during her African | Tribal collecting days

This was the last piece of the day I picked up.
The dealer was so hot and flustered,
she almost paid me to take it off her hands.
Tried to tell me how broken and busted it was.
Tried to sell it for $7.
I asked her what her best price was.
She said "how about $5?"
I didn't say a word.
She said " about $4?"
I kept pulling out arrows and examining them.
She said "Tell you what, give me $2 and don't make me pack it"
I started putting the arrows back in their holder.
Still have not said a word.
Put my hands in my pockets (actually to get her the cash)
and she said
"Can I pay you a dollar to take it?"
This is where I started laughing with her and said I'd give her $2

Say hello to my lovely bow and arrow set
which goes so very perfectly with this basket
on the opposite wall of my Native Americana postcards
in my downstairs powder room

$2 Bow and Arrow Set
Pac Gal Annual Flea | Seattle | Summer 2010
Photo (c) b3 home designs

Then there was this lady.
Who reminded me a little of my grandmother
who had the BEST stash of goods anytime she went and sold at a flea
but I digress.

This lady was VERY hot and bothered and ready to pack
She professed to have only the finest things
and was disappointed this was advertised as a flea
because only people looking for cheap goods at 
cheap prices were out to shop.

I wanted to say "yeah, what's your point?"
when I spied
(with my REAL eye)
a little box
that was stamped up all over
and a little heavy to lift
I picked it up
knowing what would greet me
from a peek under the lid
and saw a $12 price tag on the handle

I almost (almost)
thought to myself that I would pay that.
before considering if I would really pay half that
to walk away with this beauty.

I asked her what her best price was
She was so delirious she started
to tell me about a cartoon
that I was too young to know about
and how that was a collector piece I was holding.
Then she saw the puzzled look on my face
and the ACTUAL box I was holding
and said "oh. that."

How about you give me $8.
I said, "How about $5?"
She said give me $6 and take it.
I gave her six and announced that I had $4 left
to her partner in crime in the next booth 
who was trying mightily to get this big spender
to come on over.

As she packed it up she asked what price she had on it
and lamented that I got it for "hot off" - similar to "half off"
but all the better with the heat.

All is well in office supply land.

$6 (BIG!) Pullman Numberer 
 Pac Gal Annual Flea Market | Seattle | Summer 2010
Photo (c) b3 home designs

Right after I bought the green metal bin (with key) for $5 from a yard saler
who was moving and just getting rid of stuff,
I went next door and bought 
thank you very much Pottery Barn.

But after the Sand Dollar lady, I crossed the aisle and just about fell out.
I saw the sign that said these beauties were $2 - $4 each.
I gathered up these three small ones
and asked how much.

They were all of the $2 variety.
I didn't even haggle with the dude because I wanted them
That. Much.

$6 for 3, 6 in aqua colored mason jars
Pac Gal Annual Flea Market | Seattle | Summer 2010
Photo (c) b3 home designs

And that was JUST BEFORE
I spied the find of a lifetime.
That I would have returned everything for
and dropped all $50 of my dollars on
because finding these has been that elusive for me
and this one.
she cost me all of $8

$8 sturdy/heavy model sailboat
Pac Gal Annual Flea | Seattle | Summer 2010
Photo (c) b3 home designs

I will be back next year.
And this year
I will probably even try
attending an auction
or two.
Love me a good flea market.
Wish I was back in El Paso for flea markets there.


  1. Wow - didn't know about the Pacific Gallery sale - will definitely keep an eye out for next year! Brilliant finds!

  2. You've got a great eye for good finds.


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