Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Second Hand: Pottery Barn Sand Dollar Vase Filler Hack

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Yes, yes, yes.
We all know that Pottery Barn vase fillers are ridiculously priced.
Prime example.  Sand Dollars. For $10.  On clearance.

But hey!
You get free shipping!

Like everyone else, I got my knock-off Pottery Barn vase filler for about a 10th of what they wanted to charge you.  In my case, not only did I get my baggie of Sand Dollars for $1.50, I actually got a nice assortment of sizes to boot including this gigantic one. 

Photo (c) b3 home designs

Gorgeous huh?

Got mine at Value Village, so file this under "Secondhand" please. 

But it gets better.

I went to the Pacific Galleries Auction House Annual Flea Market
on my way home from work on Saturday
And look what I scored

Value Village AND Pac Gal Annual Flea Sand Dollars
$3.00 for 12

Say what?!?
Pottery Barn wanted $10.00 (on sale - they usually want 19.99!!) for 6,
yes, you read that right
for SIX sand dollars.

Does hell go with no?

Perhaps I'm super lucky to live in the Pacific Northwest 
where these can be found for almost a dime a dozen.

But Pottery Barn really.  
Who are you kidding??

Show me what you found while out thrifting lately.
You won't believe the other "authentic" pottery barn find I found
Don't hate. Just recognize.


  1. That is such a funny post! Great finds! Beautiful sand dollars!

  2. Nice thrifting work! I don't even dare look at the PB catalog for fear my jaw will drop so hard it will break! Your post cracks me up, too. I think my favorite line would be, "Does hell go with no?" Thanks for making me laugh tonight!

    Stopping by from Someday Crafts' beach party. Happy weekend!

  3. You are a riot. I know I said that already, but you are so funny! Anyhow, the sandollars are gorgeous. I live in CO where sea stuff is hard to come by but a couple of weeks ago I found a ziplock bag of sandollars at the thrift store for $3. There were probably 8 in the bag and 2 were broken. I took it to the cashier and asked her if the price was marked before or after the breakage (knowing she wouldn't know!) and she gave me the bag for $1.50. Yayyy! Glad I asked!

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