Sunday, May 8, 2011

I miss you - come stalk me again please

 This is a stale post.  Don't you smell the stank?
For fresh ideas and the newest new new stuff 
why don't you head on over to the blog we actually update.

Love to see you there.
Carry on as you were.


Rather than spending all your time
bemoaning how you wish I would update
with more fantastic DIY here

why don't you come visit me at B3HD Part II

I just can't quit you blogger.

But with a new account,
here's hoping I don't run out of photo space
for another 5 years.

I'm sure they'll figure it out and link the blogs
sooner rather than later.

But let's try it.

Here's what you'll get a peak at
over at B3HD

Can't wait to see you there.