Sunday, July 24, 2011

Bright Idea | DIY Expert: Super sized Runner (Found on the Internets)

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I so need a long runner for my entry hallway.
By long, I think 21 feet should do it.
Considering most off the shelf runners come 7 ft long
And cost about $60 - $130 each.
I definitely needed to research a DIY option.

This woman is genius.  [blog post link]
She knocked off the above rug.
With a piece of canvas, some rug non-skid and some fabric.
Well...and some adhesive spray and a sewing machine.

Only because there are lots of parts and patience and a sewing machine involved is this expert.
If you're handy with a sewing machine or don't think hand stitching is eye gougingly slow...
then this is probably maybe just advanced for you (budget to buy all that other stuff)

But if you buy your fabric from here [link]
and you buy canvas at Jo's with a coupon
and you find a rug stop skid somewhere...

This could totally hit the medium. 
Especially if you are NOT making a 21 foot runner.
Just saying.
That's a LOT of straight stitching to make happen.

Anyhow, here are some of the awesome fabric patterns I'm considering:


And since most are about $6.50 a yard (or so), I can knock out a runner for probably about the price of not less than.

We'll let you know.  Since this is still just a bright idea because, well, I have no sewing machine (yet)
And I want to use coupons to get supplies to make it as cheap as possible.
I know.

Awesome thought that counts.
Which fabric do you think I should go with?
I'll choose one commenter as the winner of a gift certificate [fabric store GC? or Jo's] for $50.
That's a lot of fabric.
Get your comment on!