Saturday, September 4, 2010

Why I hate blogger (with Picassa)

 This is a stale post.  Don't you smell the stank?
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why don't you head on over to the blog we actually update.

Love to see you there.
Carry on as you were.


So.  Evidently.

If you edit your photos with Picassa
and then try to upload those pretties here
***Edited to add | evidently, it isn't just Picassa.  Fantastic ***

Blogger greets you with a big old
"server rejection" note for all the lovely pictures
you try to upload.

A home decor blog with no pictures.
Well, you might as well read my regular blog

Because I got peeps in town
and no time to sit up for another 3 hours
editing photos in a real photo editor


Used to swear by blogger
and picassa

now hate them both.
And will follow the techier Mr. Handy's advice
and move to self hosting sooner
rather than later

Which for me, also meant moving over to WordPress.
Nothing like a
"let's sit down and knock out a quick post" moment
to get you off your butt and moving.

Love to you all.

I have a scheduled post or two still in the cue.
but with school starting
(I work for a school district,
no I'm not a teacher,
no I don't have kids,
more on that at Colored White)
I won't be getting to all the switcharooamagiging
anytime soon.


How could you.

Much love to you all
Please check in daily in the hopes
that my "significant traffic"
will make this a priority issue
for the blogger powers that be.

by the looks of the help answers
not. so. much.

If you're worried, no, I don't write like this
at Colored White.

If you like this,
then yes I do write like this at Colored White (smile).

If you would rather just check out a random day in my life
is more your pace.
Less talk, more visual.

And if you want to see how crafty I was
before the home decor
and before all hellfire and brimstone
spewed forth from the earth,
you can check me out at (note, there is no "home" there).
I was the original b3 in case you're curious.

And yes, I really do have 4 blogs.
This past month was all about home
And so it will be going forward
Just a little reading material for the impatient
and curious.

Much love.
Thanks for hanging in there.


Every Nook and Cranny | A Temporary Reader

 This is a stale post.  Don't you smell the stank?
For fresh ideas and the newest new new stuff 
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Love to see you there.
Carry on as you were.


One of the things I love about our place
is that there is so much space
that can be used in so many different ways
because walls don’t define what has to be
take for instance the landing at the top of our stairs

 Upper Landing Blank Slate
Photo (c) b3 home designs

 that I turned into this pretty space

 Upstairs Landing Complete
Photo (c) b3 home designs

In this little nook,
I brought in just about all of my favorite things

After we got puppy dog,
the Paupasan chair got moved to the nook.
out of our bedroom

I love it here because
it is far more comfortable to hang out
in this chair and read
than to sit in a parson’s char.
Just saying

Another fave piece in this space is the pillow on the chair.
I actually bought that pillow cover years ago
When I lived in New Mexico
I bought it at a Pow Wow.
The same Pow Wow that I bought my postcard prints at
But not the same place I bought these calendar prints at

Close up, Calendar Prints
Photo (c) b3 home designs
I LOVE Native Americana.
Reminds me of my grandmother
and all the questions I really wish I would have asked her
Other pieces of love in this area include
Parts of my mini | small clock collection
My favorite wedding headshot photo
My vintage camera collection
Lots of my fave coffee table books
Small chest
And those awesome Crate & Barrel Leaning shelves

 Photo (c) b3 home designs

Other pieces of me that really make this home:

Those billowy, worn, old, green curtains
“&;” (because there is always an “and did you think about…”)
Wood cubby box
Part of my shapely glass collection
My three favorite ceramic vases

Photo (c) b3 home designs

And if you stepped back a littl
you would see the $16 Art Binge

I “finished” the space at this

 Photo (c) b3 home designs

Some closer looks
at what I love here
include this tray of awesome

The heart rock was from
one of the most awesome
beach trips
with him

The shell was collected YEARS ago
the awesome bell | chime
was given to me by my mom
back when I was in high school
after one of her yard sale stops

Photo (c) b3 home designs

The piece of ocean rock on this shelf
was from the first trip I took to California
with that guy

The clock is the first small clock I ever bought.
It touched off an awesome collection.

 Photo (c) b3 home designs

This is a closeup of part of my most favorite
part of my shapely glass collection

There’s a mister
There is a tall skinny
There is a squat, fat shorty
And there is a little shorty
Those bottles rock my world.

 Photo (c) b3 home designs

This whole space rocks my world.
Now if I could only get more time
to plug in and blog
or unplug and read a book
Can’t wait to be home
for more than a few hours
at a time.

 Upstairs Landing Final(ish)
Photo (c) b3 home designs

Friday, September 3, 2010

Newbie DIYer = White Sofa Table

 This is a stale post.  Don't you smell the stank?
For fresh ideas and the newest new new stuff 
why don't you head on over to the blog we actually update.

Love to see you there.
Carry on as you were.


We love Craigslist around here

I think The Handy One
might actually have an addiction to it

I mean who doesn’t love free or really cheap right?

Back at our old place,
we needed some surface area
to set a beverage or two upon
so we got not one
but two of those tables that no one bought after the 60's

I believe that one of them was even free
For the longest time
in current living room
we placed them next to each other
right behind our sofa
on the way into the kitchen
kind of a divider
but not

I knew I wanted to paint them both
to unify their look
but then, I thought simpler would be better
and I decided to keep only one of the tables
behind my sofa like this

Kitchen to dining room
Photo (c) b3 home designs

perfectly aligned with the
entertainment wall of awesome built in speakers
that The Handy One created

 Wall of speakers
Photo (c) b3 home designs
So I painted that table
to match the wall of speakers
Not that black and white and gray
are all that grace my world
But I do have to say that my new white table
looks absolutely awesome looking out
across to my great wall of speakers.

 Finished sofa table and speakers
Photo (c) b3 home designs

That is a political ad.
It must be election season.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Eyeball Wall Hanging

 This is a stale post.  Don't you smell the stank?
For fresh ideas and the newest new new stuff 
why don't you head on over to the blog we actually update.

Love to see you there.
Carry on as you were.


So I'm not really going to hang eyeballs
on the wall.

Not anytime soon at least.

I do have top down honeycombs
on most of my windows.

Here is what my dining room looks like
Note the fall table setting (smile).

Pinehurst Dining Room
Photo (c) b3 home designs

By now, we all know 
that I'm a pretty lazy DIYer


Not "lazy"
Just crunched for time
and always looking for a shortcut

So here's my latest shortcut 
for hanging similar items evenly
on either side of a window.

Start with your blinds pulled all the way up
(note: they don't have to be top downs,
i used the bottom edge to do my eyeballing)

I pulled my blinds down about 6 inches
and used the bottom edge of the blinds
to be the top edge of the paper cut out
of my piece that i was hanging

Tacked the paper to the wall
on each side of the window
like this:

blind eyeballing wall hanging prep
step 1 and 2
Photo (c) b3 home designs

I pulled the blinds down some more
remember, I just eyeballed this
so no idea how many inches.

I was hanging three on each side,
so I just pulled the blinds down
about halfway down the window

More eyeballing
Step 3 and 4 
Photo (c) b3 home designs

After the halfway pull
I pulled them down again
about 6 - 8 inches
again, eyeball it

Steps 5 and 6
Photo (c) b3 home designs 


If instead of just using flat tacks
you actually use smallhead nails you will use
to hang your art,
you can actually pull your paper placeholders
right off the wall
and the nails will pull right through the paper

And if you just throw your art down on a bit
of butcher block paper
and trace the outter edge
you'll have paper placeholders for your art
that you can tape up
before you knock a billion holes into your wall

Just saying.

Happy crafting
and don't forget
to check out this post on
how to make what I hung up

Mod Podged Bird Plates
Photo (c) b3 home designs

Yeah for mod podge!

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