Monday, August 2, 2010

Second Hand: Pottery Barn Eleanor Mirror

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I love Spring, Summer and Autumn up here.
Primarily because this is when the neighborhood garage sales happen.

At the most recent NGS, my better half gifted me $40.
Gifted because I NEVER carry cash.

My first response was "$40?? This is not NEARLY enough"
To which he said "it HAS to be enough."

Guess which one of us was right?

I did have to teach a little neighborly scouting etiquette.  Such as:
Don't do the slow creep in front of someone's cul de sac house, and then not stop

Probably because that is my biggest pet peeve.  You can see from the street if it is all clothes or all baby or all something else you really don't need.  If you can't see it is an "all nothing" sale, then you should stop and see what they DO have.

That's my rule of thumb anyhow.

For a while now, I've been coveting an oval mirror.
Like the Eleanor from PB.

So when I rolled past a sale and saw a cute mirror sitting out front, I looked.
Then I looked at the clock.
And it was the end of the day.
And there was a little girl out front and no grown up in sight.

I MIGHT have made a fool out of myself.
Jumping out the car and making him go park.

Garage sneak peak - NGS Summer 2010 Sale Finds
(c) BLM for b3 Home Designs

$5.  Didn't even have to haggle.
I love NGS.
Love. it.

Aside from Ms. Eleanor, I also got that wood tool box ($1), three cans of paint in my "house theme colors" (because, evidently, those colors are popular out here - free "just take them" she said), a bunch of flower pots (also from a free pile that Mr. Eagle Eye spotted). The black wire wall mount wine racks in the background were $2 a pop (out of my cash at that! he supposedly has great plans for those).

On the upper table are a set of 6 really great serving platters (good for heating under the broiler that we don't have and serving straight to table - fajitas anyone??) and a stack of three iron stars (red, white and blue...of course) that I paid $1.75 for.

On the lower table, there are two great belts ($1 each), the most awesome vintage Girl Scout camera to add to my camera collection ($1) and another clock ($1) for my vintage clock collection. There is also a small wooden football game ($1) that is the start of a vintage wood game collection.  We'll see how that one works out.

The two end tables are a story in themselves.  NOT from the garage sales this weekend but a true story in patience, faith and did I mention patience?

Happy garage sale season!

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