Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A Novel Wreath

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See here? 

This is my awesome kitchen.
The space where, when I first moved in, the window lady wanted to charge me $57 a pop to put top down | bottom up, uncorded honeycomb blinds in those windows. 
Check that.
She wanted to charge me $57 EACH.
When I tried to explain that while my husband and I come from the land of giants,
I really DID NOT think that either of us would be able to really work with that.

That is when she told me she could throw in remote control operation for another $100 each.

I think I might have accidently laugh | spit some of my kool-aid onto her face.
Or maybe I did that when she finally showed up all red-faced telling me about how the 20,000 sf home she was just at took a lot longer to measure out than she thought.
Not that I should laugh.  I live in way more sf than I will ever EVER need.
With just my husband.
Well now also with the puppy mutt.

But I digress.

The kitchen ledge with the neat little windows.
Because clearly it is so much more important to me that the non-functional spaces of my house are pretty.
You know,
the spaces that no one but my relatives from the land of giants will ever see.

Back to the ledge.
There are lots of awesome projects on the internet.  And lots of crappy books in the world.
One day, I was reading without flipping pages.
Librarians.  Don't hate.  I don't hate books. 
I have a ton of them. 
Know this.
I would never, ever EVER kill a hardback.
And I would almost never buy a tradionally sized paperback.
So since I only had four traditionally sized paperbacks in my collection,
All vintage gifts from a really cool ex AMEX exec who would appreciate the whimsy that he enabled
(for the record, it was four Isaac Asimov books, which I am sure I will rebuy in hardback)
I figured I would go to town on them with this awesome Book Wreath Tutorial by Lindsay over at Living With Lindsay.  For those of you that are visual, here's the video link to the same tutorial.
And you know me.
Why make one of anything when I can make three.

Really I made 4 (there is one up above the wine bar too).
And really, I have the materials to make two more.
Which I will totally do
Because aside from the toasty glue gun fingers
There is NO SWEAT to this project.
Each one took this perfectionist all of 6 minutes to make. 
I was speed crafting.
But 10 minutes and out is totally good from paint swipe to last tuck.

These are SUPER fun to make.
So why would you pay $50 to buy one?
Just saying.

Check out Lindsay's post and you'll see what I mean...
Honestly, I don't think I'd pay $10 either. 
Because I know I buy almost everything in threes (OCD much?)
And I wouldn't pay $30 for them.

Unless it was the Holidays.
Because we all spend much more on stuff we can make ourselves during the holidays.

More on that to come.

Check out Living with Lindsay.  She has tons of great GREAT easy projects. She's one of my faves in that list of 50+ bloggity blogs you must check out on all things thrifty/DIY/home decor. You know...that list over there to the right.  Scroll down and check it out.

Fun. But a timesuck.  Trust me on that one. Use your time more wisely.
Craft a few book wreaths.

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  1. Well, look at you so clever and smart and writing so well that you make me smile. Love your book wreaths, btw. So, was the kool aid cherry flavored? Totally picturing a spit laugh on the blinds sales lady. And on the book wreath front, as a fellow book lover please note that Reader's Digest Condensed Books are usually 25 cents EACH around these parts. I feel no pain when slicing those up, go figure. Following you now.


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