Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Hall of Flags

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I have been looking for marine flags forever.
Well, for AFFORDABLE marine flags.
I even contemplated making them.
Especially when I came across this set on Pottery Barn:

Photo from Pottery Barn Catalog
I was going to look them up again and go to paint funky town.
But then I remember that I had a Pottery Barn GC.  OR two.
Well technically, a merchandize credit. And a gift certificate.

I typed in the balance checker for the first one.  $6.01
That wouldn't work.
Fingers crossed for the Merch Credit card.

On clearance (with free shipping - free shipping is the ONLY thing that gets me to buy at
they were 19.99
For a set of 11
Which I will totally rip apart.
And frame individually
For that one long wall downstairs

Downstairs MIL - Flag Hall In Progress
Photo (c) b3home designs
Then I flipped to the next page. And I saw the oars.
flippity flippets.
Guess I'll have to keep looking for those in the antique shops. 
Or get creative about where I'm looking
I mean my hubby is on the board of a wooden boat org.
Certainly they know where I can get some oars right?
Vintage ones at that.
They are the ones (with their poster print) that started the whole "wooden boat" theme anyhow.

All said.  These flags come to just a bit over $1 each. Before framing.
Way cheaper than what I could make them for when you factor in my pricey time.
Just saying.

Oh, and if I get half a moment,
I will totally make them into these cuties
from Land of Nod

Photo from Land of Nod website

LOVE the toggles
Love the more naturale string

We'll see about this hack.
And I'll also hack a sign like this

Photo from Spicher and Company website

Oh that downstairs level is really coming into shape.
Just in time for the Classic.

This is a DIY "Medium" because of cost 
($20 for flags, $10 for frames is getting up there)

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