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Pottery Barn Wine Wraps

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So I'm flipping through the PB catalog
because, as we've now established
this is what I do.
for fun.

I come across a wine cubby, with wrapped wine.

Now get real.
The piece is GORGEOUS
And no, I'm not going to hack that for you
because really, if you want PB furniture
you should buy PB furniture.
At an outlet if you can
of course.
But you know the drill by now.
Look close.
Yes, at the tasty adult beverages shelved in this piece.
Specifically, you see how many of them are wrapped up?

I imagine, they are wrapped something like this

Wrapped Wine Bottles with a purpose
Photo (c) b3 home designs

Let me tell you why this is one of the few "non-sale" items
at Pottery Barn
That I adore

See.  most of the time
PB's designers do the most impractical things
But this here, is genuis

Before we moved, we owned a lot of wine. 
Probably too much.
Not a cellar full or anything
but enough that even after we "whittled" our stash
(aka, drunk it up)
we still had to store wine during our move

You know
the move this time last year
when it was a bajillion degrees in Seattle?
And we didn't have a temp controlled storage facility
And so while we got to go and jump in a lake
(literally, we jumped in Lake Washington)
our wine, not so much.

So what we had
for the longest
was a really ghetto fabulous way 
of noting
"this wine is probably not suitable for human consumption"

And we only started labeling that "stored wine" that way
after we drank about 10 bottles and just couldn't stomach anymore of it.

so it looked like this
wine tucked away in a cupboard so people can't see
the ghetto fabulous duct tape
and the puppy can't get to it
photo (c) b3 home designs

So I broke out my supplies
Which I had on hand from the JLS Auction last year
That auction, where I rocked the wall of wine
and even finagled a Provisional of the Year award for my wine wrapping prowess
and I only mention this, so that you know I'm an expert
at wrapping wine
and that is probably why I think this project
is a practical way to prettily display wine that I hope none of my guests
ever drink

Consider yourself warned.

Tissue paper, tape, hemp cord.  I really didn't use the scissors
Photo (c) b3 home designs

And then the method to the madness
is pretty simple, therapeutic and, well, fun.
Lay the bottle on the paper

 Fold down the first flap over the top half of the bottle

 Fold up the bottom half of the paper.  
Tape halves together.

Roll bottle across tissue tucking the bottom edge in
and the top edge as well.

Wring the neck of the papered bottle
Scrunch it all together right there.

Tie hemp cord around the scrunched neck. 
Double tie it in a knot

No, I didn't label my bottles
I like surprises that way.

Wrapped wine and cheese
Photo (c) b3 home designs

I love how these turned out.

Stored wine intermixed with house warming wine
Photo (c) b3 home designs

Almost as much as I love that ladder.

This is one of the most practical PB ideas I've come across in a while.
It is easy to point out which bottles should be a last resort
and only consumed when the earth stands still
but still provides an elegant way to fill up my small wine rack
and get my bottles out of the cupboard.

 Photos added back to wine cupboard
Photo (c) b3 home designs

only problem with that scheme?
I do still have a puppy.
So the wine bottles DO still reside 95% of the time in the cabinet
And the ladder resides in the garage
She does love to gnaw on wood after all.

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