Wednesday, August 25, 2010

PB Style: Night Lights

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Because we all sit out on the back porch
with the umbrella still up
long after the sun has gone down
with the candles lit

I decided to whip out the ribbon
and go to town on these little lanterns I found
on half price sale for a dollar each
at the Goodwill, Intl District

I teetered and I tottered
on the wobbly chair
to open the umbrella
and string up my lamps

Backyard Night Light Lanterns
Photo (c) b3 home designs

Then I also realized that I could actually close the umbrella
without taking down the lanterns
and that they would sit neatly on the table
or in my pots

This was a simple project.

I took those there lanterns

Thrifty Find - Goodwill Int'l District 
50% off Blue Tags Day
Photo (c) b3 home designs

Took some ribbon and a stapler to attach said ribbon
Pottery Barn Inspired hanging lanterns for outdoor umbrella
$5.00 | $1 each lamp; $2 for 3 yds ribbon
Photo (c) b3 home designs

And we rocked it out.

I imagine that the next time
that I open the umbrella
they will hang just as I strung them
in the perfect spots
on the umbrella arms

or maybe I'll be cussing them out
for getting tangled in the umbrella mechanism.


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