Thursday, September 16, 2010

Two Summers, One Fall: Growing Pains

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When we first moved in here
a year ago
we moved into a place with
lush views
so long as you didn't
gaze into our immediate back yard

and so long as you didn't gaze
upon our side yard

and definitely, you should not look over
to the 8th hole
from our yard

But I actually have a pretty sizeable
green thumb
I stick it in the ground
and it usually grows
no matter how hard
I try to kill it

I'll need to post another photo
of what that side garden
looks like in the fall
after the deer have nibbled on it some

live and learn
What I did learn is that most of my yard/garden
is a fall garden
as evidenced by the gorgeousness
in my yard right now
the above photo, is one of the rare species in my yard
that DID flower this summer
I love basil like no other
and was super happy to learn that
basil loves my kitchen window sill

Those peppers. 
they were bought about 19 bazillion years ago
on clearance
in the orgo section
I've cared for them lovingly
and that is probably why they have said
thanks, but no thanks.
That, or, a little bit of research
to understand that peppers
are long season plants
and this impatient gardener
needs to simmer down already
(FYI, i FINALLY saw baby peppers on the vines)

Here's to fall harvest time
and planting and plotting for spring
which will be here just as quickly
as fall snuck up on us

Happy harvest season!

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