Saturday, August 7, 2010

Straws are shorter than fireplace matches

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Straws are shorter than fireplace matches.
Wanna know how I know?

In my thrifting adventures, I found this straw holder
at the Salvation Army, Burien which you know from this post
about Going Thrifting is my fave place to find stuff.

I paid 1.99 for a vintage-ish straw holder.

I am a lazy thrifter. 
And one day, it will come back to haunt me
But I'm good with patinas and dust and...
...okay.  I'm not.
Like I said, I'm lazy.

As is, this goody had some water spots on the lid. 
Rather than try to clean them
I painted them.
And because the silver-look parts I painted were metal,
I did rough them up with a bit of sandpaper (medium grit)
so that my slick, beautiful new Dutch Boy paint I got at McClendon's
(man I love small town hardware stores
alas, no color name, it was an oops but I DID etch the formula to my forehead)
would stick and stay stuck.

Only took two coats (love that Dutch Boy)
and note that I wasn't worried about
perfect coverage under the lid,
in the bottom of the riser lid,
 or on the tiny poll.

Just the outsides outta do ya.

Here's where I tell you that straws
(which this piece came with, and I promptly threw away)
do fit. Matches, do not.

Case in point:

Photo (c) b3 Home Designs

So then I got to cut each of the matches by hand to get to this:

Repurposed Straw Holder | Grill Matchstick Holder
Photo (c) b3 Home Designs

I especially love that artistic "twist" to the sticks. 
I could so be a shot stylist.
Okay.  I kid.

Painting this piece wasn't necessary. 
But because I did, I have an awesome matching accessory
for all the randomness on my porch.

Pinehurst Upper Deck
Photos (c) b3 Home Designs
I'm just saying. 
She's pretty gorgeous if I do say so myself. 
The red tips go well with the pillows.
Did I mention how much I love the Burien, Salvation Army?
Almost as much as I love Dutch Boy and their awesome paint.

Nope, they didn't pay or compensate me in any way to say that.
I just LOVE that stuff. 
I could swim in it and never bathe again.
Bit much eh?
Sorry about that.

This is very much a DIY easy. 
Use whatever paint you have.
Don't forget to snip the little match starter patch
off of the bottom of the box
and glue it to the bottom of your jar.

Trust me.
Your better half will at least think
that you have function in mind during your decor binges
if you remember these little detals.

What has been your great thrifting get this week?
What did you give new life to?
*** You just read an award winning post **
This project was selected for the August 30 showcase
of yummy second life gets
at House of Grace

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  1. That is a great idea. I love it!


  2. I so enjoyed reading this post!!! You had me caught at the first sentence! Great job!
    Very clever idea with the straw holder!

  3. Love your project -- and your sense of humour:) Your photos are great, too! I popped over from TT&J and thought I'd say, "hello" :)

  4. This is a great idea! And your post is so funny! I am cracking up!

    Thanks so much for linking up at

  5. What a fantastic idea! I just passed up a beat up old straw holder at the thrift store -- I'm kicking myself now! I just love this!

  6. So cute! I will be featuring this!
    Bonnie :)


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