Thursday, August 19, 2010

Second Hand | Bright Idea: Pottery Barn Cloche Hack

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Cloches are all the rage right?
But $70 rage?
Get outta here.

They are awesome though so I've thought up my own take on them.
There's this one that I got at Goodwill Burien for $1.99

$1.99 Goodwill Hurricane turned Cloche
Photo (c) b3 home designs

It is actually a hurricane. 
Which is kinda awesome in and of itself.
But I do have a puppy. 
And the hurricane is somewhat thin.
So I didn't want to purch it up on that smallish base and make it all top heavy.
Honestly, it was by accident that I flipped it around like that there.
Okay.  No it wasn't.  Because that was my bright idea.
From the moment I saw it on the shelf.
And saw the price.

I did already have the glass cake stand (I know, I hate when folks say that too).
But it was a wedding gift from Bed, Bath and Beyond.
$20 for the full set and $1.99 for a hurricane at Goodwill, I'm sure you can work it out.

Before I bought that hurricane, though, I was at the Habitat ReStore.
Yes, this was the infamous "We don't sell chalkboard paint" visit.
I saw these light fixture covers.
And couldn't get imaginative with them, then.
They were $5 each and I was convinced I wanted to have 2 or 3.  At least.
And I also knew I had a stupidly self imposed limit of about $10
Because really...I was just there for paint. 
And I had already picked up more than I was there for.
But I had to go back.
Alas, the cloches that could have been were gone.


I'll keep my eyeballs peeled.

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