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I've Been Framed: Or Not

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So we already learned how you could collect frames and make your home beautiful.
But what if you don't have the funds or skill or time to do all that art collecting.
Well, I have a whole post on EASY art collecting.
But say you are still about to hit the thrift stores for the first time.

Now, you are heading in.

I think I've mentioned many a time that my husband loves him some Aaron's Brothers Framing penny sales.
If only we had the same taste in frames.

In my stairwells, I have mixed and matched his frames

Stairwell Gallery
Photo (c) b3 home designs

And I've come to live without having matching frames (ick, anyway)
Or having all black frames ('cause I copy everyone else like that)

The mix match is kinda sorta growing on me.
To the point that I can even mix color and bw
Personal and stock
landscape and people

I know.  Sick.

That all said, like everyone else on the internets
I, apparently, have plenty of empty, glassless, color matched frames laying about

Thing is, I DID have a ton of frames without glass laying about
Mostly because when you move into a 4200 sf home
(yes, just the three of you)
The only way to afford said house is to have your friends move you in
Who are currious to know why that huge box they dropped off the truck is full of "windchimes"
Which, coincidentally, make the same sound as a ton and a half of broken glass frames

And did I mention I am a packrat?

Long before the frame ideas came into my life,
I had these two, perfectly good, but just not my style frames.

One day, I was at my Mecca (aka McClendon Hardware in Burien)
And I just happed to stop by the paint aisle looking for some Zinsser
Found this bucket oh LOVE
aka DutchBoy creamy buttery yellow mistinted paint

No idea the name of the color, just know I love the buttery, off white, creamy tones
and will honest to God shed a tear when it is all gone

All said, I was busy painting up a ton of other projects with this supposedly Godly Heirloom White spray paint. Which, I don't think is all that.  I know, kick me out of the DIY cool kids club.

Broke out the sponge brush and dropped a coat of LOVE on those two frames.
Came back the next morning
They were high and dry

And ready for hanging.
Just so happened (of course) that I happened by the thrift shop and what did I find?
Found these two scallop edged lovelies

Gorgeous Scalloped Frames | Thrift Find 1.99 each at Salvation Army Burien
Photo (c) b3 home designs

and shortly after found the hexagonal frame
And then knew I wanted a smallish mirror to really knock this all out

Painted Frame Wall
Photo (c) b3 home designs

All because I had a vision once it started.
Knew I wanted different sized rectangle frames
Knew I wanted some horizontal and some vertical placement
Knew I wanted to mix in some non-rectangle
Knew I needed interestingly detailed frames
Thought I knew I wanted an odd number
The frame was totally lucky accidental.

But awesome nonetheless

This is DIY Easy because that frame wall cost $7 post vision
Post vision means: Had some stuff on hand, got an idea, wanted to finish out idea
Had on hand - two large frames, paint.

If I had to add cost of what I had on hand, I paid $6 for the full bucket of paint
But you can go to ReStore, hit the paint shelf and get a quart for $2 which will be more than plenty
The two large frames were of course from Aaron's Brothers and likely cost $30.
High end.  He wouldn't pay more than 29.99 for a frame and the second was 1 cent on sale.
Of course you can find similar size frames at Goodwill for no more than 5.99 each.

This is also DIY easy because painting is for dummies (especially with a sponge brush)
No patience required (I did this on my black granite counters)
Not messy
Not pricey

Go forth and conquer

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