Saturday, August 21, 2010

Heard Around Pinehurst

 This is a stale post.  Don't you smell the stank?
For fresh ideas and the newest new new stuff 
why don't you head on over to the blog we actually update.

Love to see you there.
Carry on as you were.


In the midst of all this here crafting and collecting 
and (ahem, shopping)
I hear a lot of random things.

Here is where I'll collect up the most random of all.
I'll always add the most recent to the top of the list.

Scrap Room Wall of Inspiration
Photo (c) b3 home designs

Like my wall of inspiration,
these words inspire me.

"What are you going to do 
with that bow and arrow 
that I keep tripping over 
in the bathroom?"

"That dog hair on the duvet
is not part of the design?
I thought it was part of
the Ashley Collection."

"Ohhh...mommy brought the
puppy rock buffet indoors."


  1. Popped in from the Inspired Room gallery party! I love these idea boards! I have some posted on my cabinet doors in the craft room! I have all sorts of stuff on them based on what is inspiring at any given point in time! Thanks for sharing!

  2. No way. I just made a note today to self to go to Staples and get some clipboards. LUV this.

  3. Very clever!! Thanks for joining the party!!


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