Sunday, August 22, 2010

Rock on - Pottery Barn Style

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So in this post
you saw that I was
losing my mind.

tsk, tsk, tsk.
I don't have a green thumb
so when I plant
this is what I harvest

Pinehurst Summer Harvest
Photo (c) b3 home designs

Don't get me wrong
I harvest these on purpose
You see
I LOVE the Pottery Barn catalog
And I especially loved this room in the PBTeen Catalog

Photo from catalog

Look close.
On the shelf

For one, that cement planter is hot
I made something similar to that
off of a blog tutorial of course
and I'll have to show you that
just as soon as I get plants that don't die
as soon as I plop them in them

But did you look closer?
See those rocks?
I love that
and I'm sure PB will sell those rocks for like $20.

So in true DIY fashion
I went into my backyard
and found me some rocks

Rock Garden Markers
Photo (c) b3 home designs

and I labeled them
with the names
of all the plants
I killed planted
this summer.

and then I did the crazy
and I brought those rocks inside
where first I soaked them in the sink downstairs
then, because I'm crazier than crazy
I brought them upstairs
and washed them again
right before I baked them in my oven

overkill much?
I decorated with them.

Check it out
Mason Jar Orchid Holder
Photo (c) b3 home designs

Found Heart Rock | Cannon Beach?
Photo (c) b3 home designs

Home Sweet Rock Cubbies
Photo (c) b3 home designs

Rock Sculpture | Number Collection
Photo (c) b3 home designs

On the mantle
Rocks and Candles
Photo (c) b3 home designs

On the Sill | MIL
Photo (c) b3 home designs

Rocky Succulent Foundation
Photo (c) b3 home designs

All natural: wood, rock, shell
Photo (c) b3 home designs

Rock Book Weight
Photo (c) b3 home designs
Rocks are the ultimate cheap, DIY decor
Even for Pottery Barn

This project was DIY Hard for someone like me
because it involved manual labor
(digging rocks out of the ground is HARD WORK!)
and it involved patience
(it took me close to a month to collect all those rocks)
but it didn't involve spending a single dime
which is the only reason this isn't expert level
that's just how hard it was to do all that digging
and be patient.

Happy digging.  Don't pay PB for rocks.
Go dig them up yourself already.
Or wait for a super cool giveaway
that is coming here in September.

Especially if you're a Pottery Barn fan.

Happy weekend!


  1. I love me a bowl full of rocks!
    I don't think your crazy...infact you're spot on.
    I have several clay pots on my porch full of found rocks. I love the ones that are shaped like things I love. I especially like going to the beach and finding those rocks with holes all in them,they are my faves.
    Thanks for stopping by and visiting my blog!

  2. I will never think of rocks the same way again. ;) thanks

  3. We have an abundance of rocks kiddos collect them from everywhere...what a fun post - I love decorating with the "easy." Thanks for entering the gorilla glue giveaway. I am a new follower here.
    504 Main

  4. Great project! and I love the B&W images you included in your post (sometimes even those shots can become another DIY project - instant art - just pop into a frame!)

    Found you over at the Project Parade link party on DIY Showoff!

    :D Lynda

  5. Rocks. Who knew?? I love what you did!

  6. WOW! What creativity with a free item! My favorite is this one: Rock Sculpture | Number Collection... So cute!


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